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Triple Crown Throwdown

Posted by Tawny On October - 2 - 2022ADD COMMENTS

October 7th Practice Day 12pm-4pm October 8th Race Day 9am Practice

OVER $6500 in cash prizes LOTS of classes for all ages

Here is the Rob’s YCF/Deuk Spine Institute Triple Crown Throw Down Cash ūüíł and Prize payouts for classes. Big thanks to our sponsors for making this happen!
TRIPLE CROWN CLASS 1ST $1500 2ND $1000 3RD $500 4TH $300 5TH $200
12 INCH STOCK LIMITED By Minimoto Cartel 1ST $125 Cash2nd $75 Cash3RD $50 Cash
12 INCH STOCK MOD By East Coast Minis1ST $125 Cash2ND $75 Cash3RD $50 Cash
14-16 Rear Wheel Open by East Coast Minis Holeshot $50 by Jumpers Creek MX 1st $125 CASH2ND $75 CASH 3RD $50 CASH
WOMENS OPEN By Rob’s YCF 1ST $125 2ND $75 3RD $50
KIDS 13YO & Under.Holeshot $50 By Jumpers Creek MX 1ST Viralbrand Goggles 2ND Viralbrand Goggles 3RD Viralbrand Goggles
SurRon Open Money 100% PAYOUT
Every Rider will get 5 free raffle tickets per race entry for some awesome prizes donated by our sponsors.


Video of the month

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PaxTrax Rules and Regulations

Posted by Tawny On July - 11 - 2021ADD COMMENTS

Pax Trax Practice Rules

The rules are a guide to having a fun and safe time riding at PaxTrax. Riding at Paxtrax is a privilege not a right, everyone must follow the rules. Parents are responsible for their minors to know and follow the rules. Not following the rules can result in loss of riding privileges here at PaxTrax. If you are unsure, ask an employee. The Rules are as follows:

  1. Upon arrival EVERYONE must stop and register in the Pro Shop. You MUST do this before parking and unloading. Campers must register at Pro Shop as well.
  2. All Track and Pit riders must be signed in and wear the proper wrist band for that day and wear proper attire including Helmet with eye protection, long sleeved shirt and pants and boots that come over the ankle.  No Spectators allowed on or in track areas.
  3. If you are caught riding on ANY track without being signed in, you and any riders with you will be escorted off property and lose the privilege to ride here at PaxTrax.
  4. Everybody is responsible to have their own medical insurance.

Track Rules:

  1. Wait for the gates to open before riding on ANY track.
  2. Use the proper entrance and exit for each track
  3. Obey proper bike sizes for each track
    1. The peewee track is for BEGINNER 65cc dirt bikes and under, No oversized Pit Bikes and No four wheelers over 100cc.
    2. The intermediate track is open to all size bikes
    3. The main track is not for beginners. No bike under 85cc, no Pit bikes are allowed to ride this track (except on SUNDAY).
  4. Stay OFF of the Starting Gates.
  5. No stopping on or cutting the track unless it is to help flag for a fallen rider.
  6. If you see a rider fall, safely warn other riders and get the attention of a track employee.
  7. Ride safely and Courteously

Park Rules:

  1. All traffic through the Pits is 5mph.
  2. No wheelies or stoppies at any time.
  3. No wheel spinning.
  4. No dragging your feet down the road.
  5. No Pit bike riding after track closes
  6. ALL dogs must be on a leash.
  7. No open fires, all fires must be contained inside a metal container such as a BBQ.
  8. No vandalism
  9. Keep trash off ground. Clean up after yourself.
  10. Do not sit or stand on any railings, fencing, or walls.
  11. No smoking in Pro Shop or around Snack Bar.

Call Before You Haul, 386-437-7191

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Track hours can change from open to closed even if the calender says open.  Weather can close the track at any given time,  The fastest way for me to update this is with the track and weather hot line.  Everyone should call this number before you drive to the track to make sure the track is open for any normal practice day.   Sunny at your house does not mean sunny at the track, and rain at your house does not mean rain at the track.  The calender is only a guide for normal track and weather conditions.

  Call Before You Haul…386-437-7191


Sundays are Family Days at Pax

Posted by Tawny On January - 1 - 2021ADD COMMENTS

Sundays is now family days and we will allow small bikes (50,65 beg. 85 and pitbikes) the last 15mins of every hour on the Main track. We will continue to improve the back track for those in between riders also.  Bring the whole family out for a awesome fun day at Pax Trax.

See Everyone at the Track….


Club Memberships on Sale year round now

Posted by Tawny On June - 1 - 2020ADD COMMENTS

Club memberships will be sold all year round now!

Single Membership   $60 per year,         .

family of    2    $90            ,

family of    3     $120         ,

$10 more per each additional  family member after 3

Club members get a $5 discount on riding fees and 10% off at Pax Pro Shop

Thanks for Riding at Pax Trax


You Tube 2020

Posted by Tawny On April - 20 - 2020ADD COMMENTS