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MotoE MX Performance Guest Post

Posted by James On September - 1 - 2010


How Rest Improves Your Performance – Part 1 of 3

When it comes to human performance, you the racer need to follow a program that adjusts your training
volume and intensity to avoid:

  • Physical injury
  • Developing a weak immune system
  • Mental burn out

By consistently adjusting your workouts, your body is on a schedule to “Peak” at exactly the right
time – also known as your race date or personal goal date (as established on your goal profile).

Let’s review some clinical data about rest:

  1. VO2 max, maximal heart rate, maximal speed and workload are maintained for 10 to 28 days with training reductions of 70-80%
  2. Muscular power is maintained or improved with a 60-90% reduction in training for 6-21 days. (Joseph Houmard, Ph.D., of Human Performance Laboratory at East Carolina University)
  3. Aerobic conditioning effects were not lost until 6-8 weeks of regular training ceased. (Ball State University)

Within our MotoE programs, we never go more than two (2) days without some level of activity
(verses complete inactivity); it is our goal to de-train your body through lower load and intensity levels
through active recovery days to allow your body the opportunity to absorb the higher workloads (volume &
intensity wise).

The key to overcoming your fear of taking time off is to understand how much it will help, rather than
hinder, your performance. Your training program should be created around these elements:

  1. What are normal cycles of blood chemistry?
  2. Why the cycles happen
  3. How rest enhances the body’s performance by following blood chemistry cycles
  4. By following a pre-determined work/rest cycle (based on your race date), you can hit your peak performances whenever you want.

Within the MotoE program we focus on leveraging the powerful potential of all your accumulated training
by pulling back your intensity and volume numbers at specific times to maximize your performance
potential. As mentioned earlier, rest allows your body to recover, rebuild and become stronger (from the
inside out).

Next time, we will discuss how training too long without rest results in chemical imbalances which exposes
itself to you in the form of hindered performance, illness and injury.

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