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Gary Semics riding tip

Posted by James On September - 1 - 2010

Seat Bouncing

Seat bouncing is a good technique to use when your approach into a jump is short and you need more height and/or distance and/or don’t have enough time to stand up for the jump.  Since you’re sitting on the seat your body weight is going to go straight into the bike and therefore compress the rear suspension more, causing it to rebound harder and give you more lift (airtime) out of the jump. If you were standing your legs could absorb some of the compression and rebound, keeping you lower.

When seat bouncing, clutch and throttle control are very important and usually pulling back on the bars at the right time is also important for these two things are what control whether your front end is high or low.  You see, you have to deliver the power to the rear wheel just right with the clutch and throttle as that rear wheel compresses into the jump and rebounds out of the jump.

The timing with the clutch and throttle and jerking back on the bars is critical in order to keep the front end from dropping. This is an advanced technique and even then can only be used on short approaches where you’re accelerating all the way through the compression part of the jump.  The jump face also has to be smooth with no kickers in it.

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Gary Semics Riding Tips

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