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Gary Semics riding tip

Posted by James On August - 7 - 2010

Basic Jumping Techniques

To execute the proper basic jumping technique you should be standing in the central body position. As the rear wheel rebounds from the jump you have to nudge your body position back, which will also cause you to nudge back on the handlebars. The steeper the jump face is and the faster you hit it the faster and harder you will have to nudge back in order to make the bike fly level or how you want it to fly (front end high or low).

Okay so that’s how your body movement controls the jump now let’s take a look at how the throttle controls the jump. You see when you throttle off of a jump (accelerate off the jump) the throttle will also keep the front end up. So the more you throttle off a jump the less you will have to nudge back with your body movements. And vice aversely when you chop the throttle off as you rebound from the jump the more you will have to rely on your body movements.

Two common problems many riders have is either jumping with the front end too low or too high. So now you can understand that if the front wheel is too low you’re not using enough throttle and/or you’re not moving back as you take off. If you’re jumping with the front end too high you’re using too much throttle and/or moving back too much.

I hope this helps your jumping control. I have 2 really good jumping technique DVDs (The Art of Jumping and Whoops) and (All About Jumps and Whoops). Both on sale and see free previews at


Gary Semics Riding Tips

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