Pax Trax Motocross Park

Florida's premier outdoor motocross facility offering racing and practice day and night under the lights.

Pax Trax Motocross Park is located in Bunnell, FL. Founded in 1995, our commitment, experience, and expertise has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime! We offer a full service motocross facility for your family\'s enjoyment complete with lighted, full-size and pee-wee tracks, a restaurant, a parts store, bathrooms, showers, and camping. Call (386) 437-7191 for up to date information on track and weather conditions.

Daytona SX week is 2/28/2015 to 3/8/2015

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Once again Pax Trax will be open every day for practice before the Daytona SX. Check the Pax Calender by clicking on the info button above for track hours during the event.  Camping will be availible first come first serve.  No Quads will be allowed during this week, two wheels only.  Read More →

Attention All Quads, new track hours

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The track hours for Quads have changed.  Tues and Thurs from 3pm til 6 pm, no Quads on Sat, and 1 pm til 4 pm on Sundays. Also No Quads will be allowed during the Daytona SX week (2/28/15 to 3/8/15.  This is for track and Rider Safety and will allow better track continuity.    Read More →

Call Before You Haul, 386-437-7191

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Track hours can change from open to closed even if the calender says open.  Weather can close the track at any given time,  The fastest way for me to update this is with the track and weather hot line.  Everyone should call this number before you drive to the track to make sure the track is open for any normal practice day.   Sunny at your house does not mean sunny at the track, and rain at your house does not mean rain at the track.  The calender is only a guide for normal track and weather... (more...)

PaxTrax Rules and Regulations

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Pax Trax Practice Rules The rules are a guide to having a fun and safe time riding at PaxTrax. Riding at Paxtrax is a privilege not a right, everyone must follow the rules. Parents are responsible for their minors to know and follow the rules. Not following the rules can result in loss of riding privileges here at PaxTrax. If you are unsure, ask an employee. The Rules are as follows: Upon arrival EVERYONE must stop and register in the Pro Shop. You MUST do this before parking and unloading. Campers... (more...)

MotoE MX Performance Guest Post

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How Rest Improves Your Performance – Part 2 of 3 Exercise is a great habit to have within your daily life; however, when it becomes an obsession within your life it can actually become counter-productive to your overall health.  Excessive training (in the form of volume and/or intensity) without adequate rest causes the body to become “numb” to external indicators of over training. Some over-training indicators include… Mood swings Craving of simple sugar Interrupted sleep Loss... (more...)

MotoE MX Performance Guest Post

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How Rest Improves Your Performance – Part 1 of 3 When it comes to human performance, you the racer need to follow a program that adjusts your training volume and intensity to avoid: Physical injury Developing a weak immune system Mental burn out By consistently adjusting your workouts, your body is on a schedule to “Peak” at exactly the right time – also known as your race date or personal goal date (as established on your goal profile). Let’s review some clinical data... (more...)

Gary Semics riding tip

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Seat Bouncing Seat bouncing is a good technique to use when your approach into a jump is short and you need more height and/or distance and/or don’t have enough time to stand up for the jump.  Since you’re sitting on the seat your body weight is going to go straight into the bike and therefore compress the rear suspension more, causing it to rebound harder and give you more lift (airtime) out of the jump. If you were standing your legs could absorb some of the compression and rebound, keeping... (more...)

Gary Semics riding tip

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Basic Jumping Techniques To execute the proper basic jumping technique you should be standing in the central body position. As the rear wheel rebounds from the jump you have to nudge your body position back, which will also cause you to nudge back on the handlebars. The steeper the jump face is and the faster you hit it the faster and harder you will have to nudge back in order to make the bike fly level or how you want it to fly (front end high or low). Okay so that’s how your body movement controls... (more...)

Gary Semics riding tip

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Holeshots Starts are sort of like gun fighting.  A gun fighter has to be quick on the draw but at the same time he has to be smooth and have a good aim in order to hit the target before the target hits him.  In motocross you also have to be quick and at the same time you have to be smooth with your clutch and throttle control and your body movements.  If you mess up at least you won’t get shot but you may get run over in the first corner. There are three important aspects of the start.  The... (more...)

MotoE MX Performance Guest Post

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SUCCESSFUL DEVELOPMENT OF AN ATHLETE-PART 2: Hormone Imbalances & Body Symptoms Last month, we discussed the fact that sleep and food plays are the foundational elements to the development of your strength, endurance and overall speed. Remember, you don’t get strong and fast by riding and cross training, you get strong and fast when you provide your body the elements that it needs to adapt and absorb the workouts (on or off of the motorcycle) – food for repair and sleep to recover the fatigued... (more...)